What Is HGH Therapy?

HGH Therapy is part of AAG Health and Wellness, a nationwide health and wellness program based upon the principles of integrative medicine. HGH Therapy specializes in the treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency. HGH provides prescribes growth hormone in the context of a comprehensive program of hormone and lifestyle management that includes nutrition, fitness, and quality nutraceutical supplements.

What Is Hormone Management?

HGH Therapy practices the complex management of hormones to achieve optimal wellness, not simply relief from the symptoms of disease and illness. The goal of hormone management is to restore endocrine balance and functioning to their peak levels.

Do I Need To See A Doctor?

Yes, hormones are controlled drugs that must be prescribed and supervised by a qualified physician. At HGH Therapy, you will be seen and treated by a team of leading specialists in the fields of preventative medicine, age management, and hormone replacement therapy. The first step is to be seen and evaluated by an HGH physician. After an exam and appropriate tests, a treatment plan and prescriptions for recommended hormones will be provided based upon your individual diagnosis and health status.

Can I Be Treated Over The Phone Or Online?

No, sound medical practice and FDA guidelines are clear that patients undergoing hormone replacement therapy must be seen and supervised in person by a qualified U.S. physician.

What If There Is No HGH Therapy Center Nearby?

We work with a network of doctors who are experienced in hormone replacement therapy located in every major metro area in the U.S. We can arrange to have your lab work done locally and for your initial evaluation to be completed near your home or place of business. If you require complex hormone management, we prefer to see you at one of our centers, where we have specialized equipment and physicians who are experienced in very sophisticated hormone replacement programs. Usually this will take no more than a day or two and we can coordinate travel arrangements for you and arrange accommodations at a VIP rate at a nearby hotel. We have centers throughout the U.S.

Do I Need A Blood Test?

Yes, at the very minimum for growth hormone replacement therapy, you need an IGF1 level. Additional testing may be required in order to determine a diagnosis of adult growth hormone deficiency. We can often arrange for a phlebotomist to visit your home or office to draw blood samples required for testing.

How Much Does It Cost?

We offer a flat-fee program for the treatment of the hormone deficiencies commonly seen in men and women over the age of 40. This program includes physician consultations, tests, basic hormones and nutraceuticals. It does not include growth hormone drugs because the need for these drugs can vary widely ad they are quite expensive. Therefore, rather than pass the burden of cost onto all our patients, we limit costs to what an individual may or may not need. We will not know if you are deficient or to what degree until your lab tests are in. At that time, we can tell you exactly what your add-on costs will be. The flat fee cost is approximately $5,000 for 6 months. If you require growth hormone at an average level of 2 IUs per day, your additional cost may be around $1500 a month.

Will My Health Insurance Cover It?

Health insurance rarely, if ever, covers adult hormone replacement therapy, particularly if the goal is to achieve optimal wellness instead of dealing with a critical illness. Over the years, we have found insurance companies to be so frustrating and time-consuming, with so little results, that we no longer accept insurance, You can file a claim directly with your insurance company and we will provide the supporting evidence for your diagnosis, but the likelihood of being reimbursed is small, unless you have had pituitary radiation, suffered a severe head trauma, or have had another extremely debilitating condition.

What If I Can't Afford HGH?

Many people do not need growth hormone in order to see marked improvements from hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement in men, and an aggressive program of bioidentical hormone management in women, can often achieve results similar to the ones you hoped to find with growth hormone.

Are There Side Effects?

Any medication, including aspirin and penicillin, have a risk of side effects and contraindications. One of the reasons for responsible medical supervision is to avoid these side effects. The most common complaint seen in patients taking growth hormone is swelling of the feet and hands during the first few weeks of treatment. Most side effects are easily remedied by decreasing the dose of growth hormone and slowing the titration schedule to allow the body to adjust to the influx of hormones.

How Old Are Your Patients?

Our patients are of all ages. Because hormone deficiency is commonly seen in men and women who have reached middle-age, most of our patients are in their 50s and 60s, although some of our patients are well into in their 70s and 80s. We do not treat anyone under the age of 30, because bone platelets may not have completely fused and growth hormone is contraindicated.

Why Should I Choose HGH Therapy?

We are one of the pioneers in hormone management and our physicians are recognized as the world’s top experts in the fields. We are associated the American Academy of Anti-Aging, the Endocrine Society, the Age Management Medicine Group, and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What Makes Your Program Different?

We offer the most comprehensive program available at a relatively modest cost. Your program includes:

  • To begin with, we have pioneered the field of hormone management a decade ago.
  • We adhere to a medical model in which you have a true personal relationship with your physician. And your physician is not working alone, but with the world’s leading clinical experts in the regenerative, functional, anti-aging, and endocrine medicine.
  • These are the doctors who put their careers on the line long before anyone else had heard of hormone management, because they believed passionately in the power of hormones to change lives for the better. So we use top-notch science with thorough testing.
  • We will know more about you when we are done than your primary care doctor does. If there is any question, for example, you have a cardiac condition and your insulin levels are unusually low, we work with a multidisciplinary team as consulting physicians.
  • We also work closely with your specialists because most of our clients have multiple issues, some related to hormones and some not. So we invest a lot of time and resources and expertise to make sure you have the best possible care.
    Not many so-called HGH clinics do that. And we also take this one step further, providing a level of personal attention that makes getting well, well, a lot better.
  • It’s an exciting process for us and for you to see results. So this is fun medicine, the best kind of medicine there is. And we make coming here an enjoyable experience.
  • We include a lot of services that other clinics don’t. We will send a phlebotomist to your home or office to do your blood draw. And we don’t pretend that a shot or two of hormones is going to turn your life around.
  • Your body needs you to cooperate by making healthy lifestyle choices. That isn’t always easy and we understand that. So we have a team of diet, nutrition, and fitness specialist here to help you.
  • You have a personal wellness coach who is on your team, working with you. We give you all the possible tools, whether it is diet and nutrition software or resources for a personal chef. And we not only make this philosophy of wellness happen in one office, we make it happen nationwide.

HGH Therapy is under the umbrella of AAG Health and Wellness, the world leaders in hormone management for adults. As the pioneers in treating adult hormone deficiencies to achieve optimal wellness, we are uniquely qualified to help adults of all ages regain a rich, fuller, and more satisfying quality of life. To find out if you are a candidate for growth hormone replacement therapy, please call us at 888-877-4206 or complete the contact form and a representative will get back to you.