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Healthgains offers hormone replacement and wellness programs throughout the U.S. and can assist you even if you do not live near one of our centers. Walk-in consultations are not available. Discover for yourself the benefits of HGH Therapy.

  • We have three flagship centers in Miami, New York and Chicago
  • We have clinics in many major metropolitan areas nationwide
  • We’re the fastest growing wellness program in the U.S. (contact us to see if we’ve opened a center near you)

We’re the Only All-Inclusive Wellness Program in the World.

We provide a flat-fee, all-inclusive hormone replacement program designed support growth hormone therapy. While the cost of growth hormone medication is based on how much you need, other critical hormones are included for both men and women. In men, this  includes testosterone to treat testosterone deficiency (low T). In women this includes estrogens and progesterone to treat menopausal symptoms. Growth hormone is provided as an adjunctive hormone replacement therapy, and is not included in the basic program. We would like to include it, but the cost is too high and the amounts required by individual patients varies too much for it to be feasible for us to do so.