Growth Hormone Benefits For Women

Many hormones decrease with age, but the one with the greatest impact upon the signs of aging is human growth hormone.

Aging results from a combination of factors, but the dominant factors are (1) a decrease is hormone levels, and (2) oxidation at the cellular level, which causes DNA damage.

Hormone therapy, particularly growth hormone therapy, has been shown to slow and even reserve the signs of aging.

It is especially valuable because it increases cell regeneration, which fights the effects of oxidation. When growth hormone levels decline, the body loses its ability to repair itself.

The Benefits Of HGH Therapy For Women:

Reverses age-related changes in the skin and hair thinning
Improves sleep patterns and mood
Reduces fat accumulation and increases metabolism
Builds bone density and reduces osteoporosis
Reinforces the immune system
Increases energy and daily stamina

What Is HGH?

HGH is a protein hormones produced by the pituitary gland. Hormones are “messengers” that stimulate specific cellular activity. It stimulates growth, repair, and maintenance of the cells in tissues and organs, including the brain. It regulates growth of muscle and bone, the metabolism of fat and sugar, and has a strong influence over cardiovascular health and brain functioning. Human growth hormone is produced in cycles, with the most being following nighttime REM sleep. In the body, it speeds “fat burning” and controls the use of protein and fat for energy.

This hormone gives the body the ability to use stored fat for energy instead of glucose.

This can provide longterm increases in energy. Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary in response to two hormones produced by the hypothalamus in the brain: GHRH or somatocrinin and GHIH or somatostatin.

How Does GH Therapy Work?

Growth hormone production by the body declines with age. HGH therapy involves the restoration of growth hormone levels through the administration of a synthetic version via injection. Injectable growth hormone is the most effective way to create and control the its effects. Is Human Growth Hormone right for you?

Growth hormone deficiency should never be treated without taking other hormones into consideration. Every hormone plays a role in your endocrine system and excesses or deficiencies in a single hormone can through your entire system off balance. This is especially true in women who are either beginning to, or have already entered, menopause.

The broad range of hormones – growth hormone, estrogens and progesterone, thyroid, cortisol, DHEA – must be at their optimal levels and in balance with each other for you to obtain the maximum benefits of hormone therapy.

How Many Women Use Growth Hormone?

Until relatively recently, growth hormone was used mainly by men. The public perception was that growth hormone was a “muscle-builder.” This perception began to change in 2006, with the publication of Suzanne Somers’ book, Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones, in which she described her use of hormones to fight menopause and age. In 2009, Somers appeared on the Oprah Show, where she talked about growth hormone as one of her secrets to staying young. Although the show unleashed a firestorm of criticism from the mainstream medical establishment, the cat was out of the bag. Later guests on the Oprah Show included Dr. Uzzi Reiss, an anti-aging doctor to Hollywood celebrities who has written extensively on the benefits of HGH for women, including his book The Natural Superwoman. Despite tremendous interest from women of all ages, the medical establishment has been slow to study the benefits of HGH therapy in women. Most studies have been mixed or consisted only of men. Typically, if a woman goes to her primary care physician, she will be told her levels are normal, even if they fall at the very lowest end of the spectrum. So many women have not sought growth hormone therapy. Those who have tried it, say they want to stay on it forever.

Dawn Foley, age 43,  says hormones had a dramatic effect on her. She credits growth hormone in particular with burning 10 pounds of belly fat she’d begun referring to as her pooch and restoring muscles she thought were gone forever. She claims the sun damage and fine lines on her face started to fade. She slept better and had more energy.

-Source: Self Magazine, August 2009

Rock icon Deborah Harry, age 66, is a fan of HGH. Read how photographers mistook her for Lindsey Lohan, age 25.

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