Scams involve fake or inert HGH, dietary supplements falsely labeled as having HGH-like effects, off-branded and deceptively packaged human growth hormone… much of it occurring online.

Internet Sales And Off-Branded HGH

Real human  growth hormone (injectable pharmaceutical version) is expensive. So there are numerous scams, many of them involving illegal human growth hormone imported from China or Mexico that may not contain much if any human growth hormone, or may even contain toxic materials.

Illegal growth hormone is profitable, so there are a variety of ways that black marketers try to beat the system. Most of the time, they use the Internet. Some wellness clinics are in league with online websites that sell bogus growth hormone from China or elsewhere. The doctor agrees to write scripts in exchange for kickbacks from the website pharmacy. The customer has a token script and the online pharmacy can have a sham legitimacy if questioned by the FDA. Just about anything you buy from an online pharmacy is illegitimate. They have no way of getting human growth hormone cheaper than your real pharmacy can. So if the price is cut-rate, it is because they are selling cut-rate goods.

Drug Trafficking And Performance Hormones

Human growth hormone is often marketed with other performance enhancing drugs (e.g., anabolic steroids). Like other industries searching for the formula for online success, the illegal drug trade encompasses a variety of Web, brick-and-mortar, domestic and global configurations. Illicit drug deals over the Internet have proliferated because buyers do not have to meet their dealer in a dark alley, but can simply Google for a supplier. Most companies that sell it online and request a credit card will not ship the “real thing” and you will be ripped off. Others are unsavory operations with little to no regard for patient safety. Internet drug traffickers will often host the website in Russia, have a mailing address in Mexico, and ship Chinese drugs from India.

The Story Behind Chinese Jintropin

FDA agents noted that Chinese-made HGH often contains impurities and may be cooked up under unsanitary conditions. The legal pharmaceutical version is extremely difficult to synthesize, explaining its cost. Chinese HGH, on the other hand, is sold at bargain prices.

In 2008, under pressure from the FDA, China revoked the pharmaceuticals license of GeneScience, manufacturer of the Jintropin brand of growth hormone. As part of its Operation Raw Deal, the U.S. federal government also indicted GeneScience CEO Lei Jin and, the same, seized $2.7 million in company assets from U.S.-based branches of Chinese bank accounts. Two other Chinese manufacturers among a total of 38 under suspicion included Neogenica Bioscience (maker of Revitropin IGF-1 and Hypertropin) and Kexing (maker of Fitropin).

More recently, the Obama administration as targeted Mihael Karner under the Kingpin Act; Karner is the owner of the Asia Pharma steroid laboratory. The Kingpin Act was originally designed to target Colombian and Mexican street drug cartels and allows the government to seize all assets on a broad scale. Not only Karner, but all the vendors he does business with, risk having their property seized. Sanctions extend to anyone who buys products from Asia Pharma and can include 30 years of jail time and up to a $5 million fine. Asia Pharma produces a wide range of hormone products, including Somagena (growth hormone) and testosterone.

Find  A Reputable HGH Clinic

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