HGH Therapy – Pills, Sprays, And More

Ignore the sales pitches. The only way that HGH works is by injection, and even then you need to be sure you have the real thing.

A protein molecule that large cannot penetrate intact into membranes to any significant degree. Most would be wasted if it were used in a nasal spray or orally

– Elmer Cranton, MD

Growth hormone is fragile and has a very short half life. In cannot exist in an active state without being handled with care and properly refrigerated. It can lose potency very easily and rapidly. This is why so much of the HGH sold online or through unscrupulous clinics is so cheap. If it was ever real to begin with, it has become inert.

The cost of growth hormone and of hormones in general has fueled an entire industry of dietary supplements and homeopathic formulations. Each one has a different spin, and some do contain growth hormone, although it may be the bovine form which cannot be used by the human body at all and is simply excreted.

Dietary Supplements There is not one dietary supplement on the market that can come close to the effects of real growth hormone. Even though some of these formulations contain growth hormone in small amounts, the body cannot absorb GH molecules through the skin, tongue or digestive tract. It must be injected beneath the skin into fatty tissue or muscle.

There is an exception. Some oral peptides do help boost growth hormone production. They cannot achieve the effects of growth hormone injections, but they can be of benefit. Most of these oral peptides are a waste of money, but we do know of some brands we think are worthwhile and recommend to our patients. If you would like to know what these are, please give us a call.

We would like to print the list here, but formulations change constantly. We might not recommend a product today that we recommended 6 months ago.

Homeopathic Sprays, Patches, Topical, And Sublinguals

Not to knock naturopathy, but the growth hormone molecule is too big to pass through the dermis (skin) barrier or sublingually (under the tongue). The gastric juices of the stomach will destroy active growth hormone in less than 3 seconds.

Homeopathic Nanogram Products

Nanograms deserve special mention, because they have tricked so many people into believing they are getting the real thing. First of all, there is no such thing as a nanogram of growth hormone. “Nanogram” is a term made up by marketing people. HHGH injections are measured in international units, and just 1 IU of growth hormone would be equivalent to 300,000 nanograms.  Even the most potent homeopathic nanogram contains less than 50,000 nanograms and you would have to use the whole bottle. Plus, the delivery system is all wrong because, as we said before, GHG can not be absorbed under the tongue, orally, through the skin, etc.

Homeopathic formulations are viewed differently than supplements, but they are not in the drug category. If they contained enough HGH to be at all effective, they would be regulated as a drug by the FDA and you could not buy it. Further, the cost would be the same as HGH injections. It’s just too difficult to make and too hard to ship to be cheap.

HGH Therapy is under the umbrella of AAG Health and Wellness, the world leaders in hormone management for adults. As the pioneers in treating adult hormone deficiencies to achieve optimal wellness, we are uniquely qualified to help adults of all ages regain a rich, fuller, and more satisfying quality of life. To find out if you are a candidate for growth hormone replacement therapy, please call us at 888-877-4206 or complete the contact form and a representative will get back to you.

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