At 65 years old, HealthGAINS patient Robert has sensitivity he didn't have even at age 18! Thanks to the GAINS Enhancement, Robert is enjoying sex again and has a noticeable difference in girth! Learn more: visit www.healthgains.com/gains-enhancement/ or call 888-877-4206

Male Enhancement | Improving Size and Performance | Patient Testimonial

This Miami mom said goodbye to urinary incontinence pads and hello to worry-free activity with the help of FemiWave™ vaginal rejuvenation! For more information, visit www.healthgains.com/femiwave or call 888-877-4206. This nonsurgical, drug-free treatment helps women improve their sex lives and is designed to combat urinary stress incontinence associated with childbirth and aging.

Effective Incontinence Treatment! FemiWave Patient Testimonial | HealthGAINS

Watch to see why this GAINSWave ® patient and his wife feel like they are still on their honeymoon! GAINSWave is a drug-free and surgery-free noninvasive technique that uses shock waves to improve sexual performance. GAINSWave: - Enhances erections - Improves sexual performance - Increases sensation - Treats ED & Peyronie's disease GAINSWave is available at HealthGAINS in South Florida Learn more: Call 888-877-4206 or visit https://healthgains.com/gainswave/?utm_source=youtube

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This busy mom of 2 restored the spark in her decade-long marriage with the help of ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation! Call 888-877-4206 or visit https://goo.gl/VMuRvG to learn more. This noninvasive, nonsurgical, medical treatment helps tighten and improve vaginal appearance. Available in-office at HealthGAINS in South Florida

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Lisa suffered from urinary incontinence as a result of childbirth and aging, which put a strain on her relationship. FemiWave™ is a new breakthrough in women's sexual health that is nonsurgical, laser-free and has no downtime. It also increases sensitivity for a better sex life! HealthGAINS Concierge Age Management Clinic in Aventura, FL Complimentary Consultation: Call 888-877-4206 https://healthgains.com/sexual-health/femiwave-vaginal-rejuvenation/

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Richard was tired of ignoring his problem obtaining an erection and equally tired of using shots and pills as band-aids on the real problem. https://healthgains.com/gainswave/ For a complimentary consultation, call 888-877-4206 Learn how GAINSWave® sound wave therapy at HealthGAINS helped him reclaim his sex life! Call 888-877-4206 to speak to a HealthGAINS Wellness Advisor and learn more about solutions for erectile dysfunction.

From Erectile Dysfunction To Multiple Orgasms!

Longtime HealthGAINS patient Laura Gershader took action to regain her energy and sex drive after a hysterectomy. https://healthgains.com/bio-identical-hormone-therapy/ Her personalized hormone therapy program also alleviated the crippling pain of arthritis in her hands and helped her to get a restful night’s sleep again. Call 888-877-4206 to speak to a HealthGAINS Wellness Advisor and learn more about hormone therapy.

Hormone Therapy Heals Woman's Arthritis

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Pat is an executive in the financial services industry. He has Type 2 diabetes which inhibited his ability to maintain an erection during intercourse. https://healthgains.com/gainswave/ Pat has been married for 44 years and wanted to keep a physical relationship with his wife. He started with hormone replacement therapy and then moved to GAINSWave™ shock wave therapy. His erection hardness, feeling, and sensitivity are beyond what he experienced 10-15 years ago. After each treatment, GAINSWave has made a significant improvement. Listen to how GAINSWave has changed his life.

GAINSWave® Patient Pat Age 61

Since starting his hormone replacement therapy program at HealthGAINS, Rey has increased energy for his daughters, builds lean muscle and sleeps better. Longtime patient Kelly’s program addressed her fertility issues in a natural way and improved her mood and overall feeling of wellbeing. www.healthGAINS.com

Hormone Replacement Therapy Gives Father More Energy For His Kids

Prior to becoming a HealthGAINS patient, this member was suffering from a lack of energy and motivation, plus his sex life just wasn't what he wanted. However, once he started a customized Hormone Therapy and Sexual Health treatment with HealthGAINS, he was able to achieve his all goals. In fact, before HealthGAINS, he had trouble getting and maintaining an erection. But with the help of HealthGAINS newest ED Therapy, GAINSWave, he was able to achieve longer and harder lasting erections. Additionally, as a HealthGAINS member, he was able to receive an overall healthier sex life, more energy, and greater motivation. To learn more visit: https://healthgains.com/

The Key to Greater Energy, Motivation and Erections